Bottle Labelling Vacuum Drum

Vacuum drum for labelling machines; The present invention relates to an improved vacuum drum for handling labels in labelling machines to be used for labelling containers such as bottles.Labelling machines for gluing labels and transferring them onto the surface of containers are known and widespread used. In these machines the containers are carried by a carrousel and come into contact with a labelling unit. The labelling unit comprises a so called “vacuum drum” that receives a label strip from a roll feeding group, cuts the label at the appropriate length, glue the label by means of appropriate means, such as a gluing drum, spray and injector systems or the like, and finally transfer the label to the container. During these handling operations, the label is retained on the vacuum drum by means of vacuum applied on the label. To this purpose, the surface of the vacuum drum comprises a plurality of orifices that are in communication with a vacuum source.